While in Crete You can also visit the museum for military of Chromonastiri

If you’re looking to travel to Crete There are numerous places to explore. From the stunning Chania to the vibrant Heraklion You’re sure to be awed on Crete, one of the Greek Islands. Here are some of the most sought-after destinations to visit in Crete. This guide should aid you in planning your trip to this stunning region of Greece.

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For a true taste of Greek rural life, make sure to visit some of the towns on Crete. The island is home of the legendary Corinthian columns and are considered to be sacred for many. These columns were constructed by the old Minoan civilization. The columns were built by the first settlers to Crete and represent a part of Crete’s long past. When you’re on Crete make sure to take a moment to look at them and make sure to stop to have a coffee or light lunch.

A visit towards the White Mountains of Crete will allow you to explore Crete’s stunning landscape. Crete’s White Mountains dominate central and western areas of Crete’s western and central regions. The rocky peaks host to over 50 summits, a majority of them rising over 2 000 meters higher than sea-level. The hiking trails are numerous and offer the ideal exercise. Winter is the best time to go hiking in these mountains. Another fascinating place to explore when on Crete is Matala which is a tiny town known for its hippies who resided in caves. Matala is a stunning beach made of sand and pebbles with spectacular perspectives over Paximadia Islands. Paximadia Islands. There are also a variety of caves that are unique to prehistoric times.

While in Crete You can also visit the museum for military of Chromonastiri located just only a few kilometers away from Rethymno. It is among the top places to go to in Crete and you can take pictures of military vehicles and warplanes in the museum. It’s certainly worth the visit. Don’t forget to visit this fascinating part of history! If you’re searching for the most memorable Greek vacation, don’t overlook this.

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