The Ninja Star – A Martial Arts Weapon

The ninja star fang is one of the legendary ninja weapons. A shuriken (or two-bladed sword) is an ancient Japanese concealed weapon which has been used over the years as a sneaky, hidden weapon to sneakily distract or otherwise disorient the enemy. The ninja preferred to slip past their opponents with deceptive acts of feint and stealth, like sneaking up behind them with a concealed weapon and then delivering a crippling blow with it. The ninja star fang, or “lightning star” is one such weapon which has been used by many famous ninja to great effect.

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There are two basic styles of throwing the ninja star, the open and closed style. In the open style, the blade is held loosely in the sheath and is then thrown forward with a quick toss. This is executed by first coming to an abrupt halt, then folding the weapon’s hilt back into the scabbard, so that it forms a triangle with the handle and blade. Next the blade is whipped out in a wide arc, which can be used to draw multiple targets. When using this style, the wielder should use all of his strength to throw the star about fifteen feet in front of his opponent.

On the other hand, in the closed style, the blade is folded into a triangle, and the handle folds into the blade. In this case, the star is thrown with more caution, and the speed is slower. Both styles have had different effects on opponents. The open style often leaves the opponent vulnerable while the closed style leaves them defenseless if they are hit. Either way, the ninja star has become a very famous martial arts weapon.

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