Concrete coatings is a thick liquid or semi-solid covering

Concrete coatings is a thick liquid or semi-solid covering which you could apply to newly finished concrete for cosmetic reasons. It could also help to make a finished structure or surface last much longer, thereby reducing its repair and maintenance costs. Most acrylic concrete coatings used nowadays are multi-stage systems. In these types, the first coat is often a thin layer of polyurethane foam which serves as a protective, water-resistant layer, protecting the concrete from external and internal elements like rain, heat and moisture.
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An additional layer of polyurethane is added as a second protective layer, this time a hard coating, that would protect the floor from any possible attacks by water or dust. This coating could be a thin plastic coating like most felt paper or felt pads used on kitchen or bathroom floors, or it could be a firmer, heavier coating like what car dealers apply when they install new car parts onto a car’s exterior. The most recent concrete coatings systems offer a third layer called an anti-static agent. This layer works to reduce the movement of electric charge that occurs naturally in most concrete floors, because static electricity can lead to a dangerous situation where the charged particles become airborne and could end up harming people or the structure of the building if they get stuck between the floor and a moving object.

Most of these concrete coatings systems are applied to concrete floors through a spraying system. The application method would depend on the type of surface that is to be coated. For example, an overhead floor would need a different application method than one meant for a sidewalk. Concrete flooring surface designs today have changed a lot as well. For example, instead of just using paint to decorate concrete surfaces, surface designs made use of color to make the floor look more attractive and eye-catching.

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