What’s the Difference Between Pest Control?

If you have a small or large farm, having a farm pest control is a must. Having your own farm pest control can help you manage the insect population on your farm to ensure that the crop you are growing is free from harmful pests. Pest control is not a new practice; it has been practiced for centuries throughout history. The word ‘pest’ itself derives from the word ‘tot’.

There are various kinds of pest in modern agriculture, which means there are various methods of pest control in modern agriculture also. Considering the word definition of a pest, common examples of pest are; rodent, cockroaches and insect. However, the pest control methods used may vary depending upon the type of pest that infests the area. Some common methods of pest control are as follows; eliminating them permanently, preventing them from reproducing, using baits, etc. Some other methods include using mechanical devices, chemicals, traps, etc. For controlling insect swarms, use fumigants, and for termite control, use baits, liquid pesticides and steam sprays.

When hiring a professional exterminator for your farm, he will suggest the kind of extermination methods to be used based upon the severity of the infestation. However, before exterminating any insect, one should first be sure of the fact that all edible and hygienic products are safe from their reach. Some insects may require more time to be eradicated than others like termites or cockroaches. A good exterminator is able to give a detailed report of the kind of insect problem, and of the methods needed to completely eradicate them.

Professional exterminators use advanced technology to get rid of pesky insects and rodents. This involves several tactics including spraying chemicals and traps. Before exterminators start using their weapons of extermination, they first identify the areas of occurrence and study the demographics of the local population. This is to get a clear picture of how to attack the insects effectively without causing too much damage to the local economy.

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Some common traps used by termite control professionals are wire-based, which offer the best pick of termites, baits for termites, poison bait for rats and mice, and the liquid pesticides. Most pesticides that are used for termite control are also used for other kinds of pests, which explains the reason why most people call in pest control experts for assistance. Baiting systems are more effective if termites have yet to show up in the affected area; however, it is more useful in getting rid of mature termites.

One must not confuse fumigation with insecticides, especially when it comes to termite fumigation. Although they sound similar, they are actually different. Fumigation refers to the process of killing pests with the use of high concentrations of pesticides while fumigation itself is the application of a pesticide to kill insects. It is usually carried out for large buildings, including apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, and office buildings.

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