Skincare is the set of medical practices which support healthy

Skincare is the set of medical practices which support healthy skin, enhance its look and alleviate skin disorders. They primarily include proper usage of emollients, prevention of too much sun exposure and intake of nutrients. Skincare is the science and art of using topical agents for the purpose of skin care. It includes a study of the effects of various materials, their composition and derivatives on the skin. Skincare includes facial treatment, cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturizing.

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There are various steps included in skincare, which should be followed to reap the maximum benefit. First step should be cleansing, to remove accumulated dirt and oil from the skin; next step should be toning to tone down the skin and to prepare it for the next step, which is exfoliation; then it should be moisturized to prevent the skin from becoming dry and to retain the natural moisture in the skin, and finally it should be left for a few hours so as to allow the exfoliation process and the other ingredients to work on the skin properly. The most important thing about skincare is not to forget to do them regularly because this will allow the skin to stay healthy, youthful and beautiful longer. Skincare products vary in their prices, but most of them are cheap but provide good results.

The main difference between the different types of skincare product is their ingredients. The over the counter skincare products include the traditional herbs, essential oils, vitamins and mineral oil extracts, whereas in the cosmetic section you find vitamin E, aloe vera, paraben-free preservatives, alcohols, artificial preservatives, fragrance and toulene. Most of the cosmetic products contain collagen, elastin, protein peptides and water soluble vitamins and minerals.

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