Why Is an Asbestos Survey Required?

Why do you require an asbestos survey after demolishing old buildings? Asbestos used to be used heavily in the UK building from the early 1900’s. It was widely used in building materials during the 1950s, especially since the safety of asbestos was improved, especially after it was found that asbestos exposure is the cause of many cancers.

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After the early safety measures were implemented, it was thought that asbestos should not be used and hence demolition of buildings should be done with minimum disturbance to the occupants and also with least disruption to the local environment. However, following demolitions, asbestos was found to still be present in a few areas.

With all this in mind, why do you require an asbestos survey after demolition of a building? The reason is simple. You are required by law to keep the area clean and safe for the public and it is important to know whether there were any asbestos materials left after the demolition of the building. If asbestos materials were present at the site prior to demolition, it is then required by law to remove these materials and dispose of them safely. This could be done through the use of a professional asbestos surveyor company who would conduct the survey.

Before a survey can be undertaken, it is essential that the surveyor carries out a thorough investigation and this needs to include a visual inspection of the area and of the likely site locations of future buildings. Only after the surveyor has conducted a thorough visual inspection, does the surveyor then prepare a detailed report for the client. This detailed report is known as an asbestos survey report.

If you are a building owner, you will be required to pay a reasonable amount of money for a competent and reputable asbestos surveying contractor who can carry out the required asbestos survey after demolition of the building. Since it is a legal requirement to have a survey conducted before any construction activity can take place, it is essential to ensure that the surveyor who you choose is a qualified professional.

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