Recruitment Agency

The process of recruitment is a crucial part of finding employment in almost every business. An appropriate recruitment process can mean the difference between success and failure and is often more crucial than job qualifications and skills. Recruitment agencies exist to ensure that employers find suitable candidates for available positions. Recruitment agencies have a number of different jobs, to focus on including employment counselling, candidate sourcing, employment law and recruitment. These jobs combine to ensure that employers find the best people for the job, irrespective of the size of the business and how much it costs.

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There are three types of recruitment agencies in the UK. An employment agency is a company that matches employers with potential candidates. In most developed countries, a publicly funded employment agency and several privately-run private agencies operate. An independent recruitment agency, which is funded by an employer and therefore not accountable to any government standards, is the most common type of agency in the UK. Independent agencies can be quite picky about who they recruit, charging fees for the leads they generate and may not always be successful in sourcing suitable candidates for positions.

The majority of recruitment agencies rely on computer technology to help them find candidates for their positions. Many recruitment agencies now use Internet technologies to locate candidates and send them over to the employer. Recruitment experts may also choose to visit job sites, write CV’s or use online tools to find suitable candidates. This is because many of these recruitment professionals have already developed skills in using technology to make the process of finding suitable candidates easier and quicker.

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