If you regularly oil or polish your furniture we suggest purchasing

If you’re able to spare sufficient time and energy, there are numerous methods of treating Teak to ensure that the original showroom color stays. The treatment must be applied to untreated dry, clean timber. Be aware that any treatment even a clear finish can enhance the gold Teak color. Therefore, always take a test of a small area of view before applying any treatment.

Because of the naturally high level of silica and rubber within A Grade Teak Any extra treatments are strictly aesthetic and not of any significance as to whether they add to the durability of the furniture. In certain instances, it has been proven that solvents rich oils could cause harm on the oils that are found in Teak.

There are numerous different kinds of timber treatments that are available in the marketplace. Be sure to choose the finest quality while staying within your budget. Don’t forget to receive great advice from local wood dealers.

Teak Oil and Danish Oil

The most popular solution for Garden Furniture is Teak Oil. Teak Oil is absorbed it, feeds and seals the wood, leaving no layer of film that can scratch or chip, and provides the wood a soft, shiny sheen, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Danish Oil It is mixture of resins and oils which seals and feeds and finishes naked timber without leaving a rough surface that can scratch or chip. It has less sheen as compared to Teak Oil and layers are constructed gradually.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions with care. We have found that you’ll need to apply at least three coats of oil during the very first couple of weeks following purchasing the furniture. You will be required to maintain the furniture with additional coats every couple of weeks, if it is left outside without protection.

Because certain parts of furniture are more vulnerable to the elements than others, oil is absorption rates vary. The oils cannot be applied to wood that has begun to change color, become wet or dirty.

Teak Restorers

To intensify the deep orange hue of Teak apply a restorer. Along with protecting and feeding the Teak as well, they provide added colour. This is particularly useful on very old teak which may be more difficult to bring back fully to its original state.

Teak Sealers

Another option to keep the original color of Teak is applying a sealer. A sealer is a thin layer of protection on the timber and preserves the original color. We recommend using a transparent smooth exterior satin finish that has ultraviolet and fungicide protection within the film. The best sealers are made with special characteristics to stop cracking, peeling and blistering. Three coats will highlight and keep a golden Teak colour for around one year.

Tips – Brushing furniture with white spirit prior to applying a treatment can remove the oil layer that covers the surface and aid the timber in being able to absorb the first coat of treatment. This will cut down the drying time considerably.

Tips – If you regularly oil or polish your furniture we suggest purchasing a top grade Breathable Furniture covers for furniture. Also, you should cover your furniture when aren’t making use of it.

2 Part Cleaners

If you’re looking to wash your furniture or get rid of any previous oil applications 2-part chemical cleaners can do magic and restore aged silver teak to the original timber. There are numerous available, all of which have different levels of efficacy. It is a labor-intensive procedure, but it is much faster and less messy than the sanding process.

In the end, Teak will naturally age and become silver if placed outside. The most straightforward and efficient method to keep your furniture in top quality is to jet clean your furniture from a distance and then put it under a ventilated cover when not employing it.

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