Regrouting Tiles Can Give You the New Look You Want

Regrouting tiles have recently become quite popular as an easy and inexpensive way to fix leaky or crooked grout in tile bathrooms and showers. Most of us have walked into a home improvement store and have seen dozens of tiling squares marked “regrouting”. These tiles are simply where the grout lines are supposed to be and have no other function. In fact, they are not even real tiles, but merely tiny plastic pieces held together by a glue agent. It is very simple to remove the old grout and replace it with the new grout. The reason the regrouting technique is so popular is because it does not require the use of expensive chemicals, is simple to do and can usually be done by non-professionals without any specialized training.

tile regrouting

Many times you can see areas of discolored or dirty looking grout in your tile shower or bathroom. Usually this is because there are large gaps in the grout between the tiles. Sometimes the problem is the type of grout used but most often it is a combination of factors that cause the unsightly conditions. Some examples of common problems include cracked or chipped tile, gaps in the grout lines, large amounts of water collecting in the grout lines (leaking) and mortar formation along the lines of the grout lines.

Regardless of what the source of the problem, in most cases you can find and apply new grouting tiles in no time and get the new look you desire. One of the advantages of using regrouting tiles is that they can also be used on tiled floors above the tile (such as in a basement). Here are some more details about the quick and easy method.

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