It is the main form of identification that allows you to enter

Organization for Safety and Security in International Travel, (OSAC), issues travel advisory for Cancun in Mexico. The OSAC is not able to monitor international travel conditions, but they work closely with the US tourist bureau to provide information to travelers. Before you travel to Cancun, make sure to check the OSAC website for any updated information. Below are some tips for Cancun travel.

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It is the main form of identification that allows you to enter Mexico. It must be valid throughout your stay in Mexico. Some companies might have more stringent requirements than others. Not only is it important to know that Canada doesn’t certify transit through foreign countries. You may need additional fees or emergency travel documents. While Cancun is well worth the effort, you should be prepared to spend some cash.

A Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) is required if you are travelling to Cancun for tourism purposes. This document includes information about your status as a tourist from abroad. Once you get your FMM, you can stay in Mexico for up to 180 days as a tourist. Your FMM must be kept close by so that you can return it when you leave. You will find your tourist card useful if you are planning to visit Cancun as an individual business traveller.

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