Close protection Bodyguard is a special type of security guard

Close protection Bodyguard is a special type of security guard that protects executives and celebrities from danger while they are at the mercy of others. In many cases, a Bodyguard is also known as a Secretarial Service Bodyguard. Bodyguard is one of the fastest growing industries for those in the UK. As a result of this, there has been a rapid increase in professionally trained Bodyguards. To ensure that you hire an excellent Bodyguard, follow these important guidelines:

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– Hire an experienced Bodyguard. Although the job of a Bodyguard is traditionally associated with the police and military personnel, Bodyguard services provide an essential service for corporate executives and celebrities in high profile events such as concerts, awards shows, corporate parties and film festivals. This ensures that your Bodyguard is qualified, professional and fully trained in personal security and crime scene investigation. Also, ensure that your Bodyguard undergoes an extensive background check process before he/she is hired.

– It’s important to choose a Bodyguard with the right experience. Because the Bodyguard service traditionally was a counter-insurance agency between the police and criminals, there is always a risk that your Bodyguard won’t be familiar with the local law. Therefore, it is necessary to hire Bodyguards that have a lot of local experience and have had their license for a minimum of two years. There are a number of Bodyguard agencies that can recommend Bodyguard candidates with a lot of local working experience. There are also organisations and firms that specialise in hiring close protection bodyguards to provide a first class service.

– Examine the nature of the contract. A typical contract would normally state that if the Bodyguard is attacked by a client or celebrity, the agency will pay for medical expenses and legal representation. The contract could also state that the Bodyguard is obliged to assist police officers with their investigation. This is something that is important when choosing a Bodyguard service. There is nothing worse than hiring a Bodyguard who has failed on duty or hasn’t been seen for over a year. The same goes when Bodyguards have been involved in an incident which could have injured or killed a celebrity or public figure.

– It is also important to understand that there are two different types of Bodyguard services. Some Bodyguard companies offer “intimate protection bodyguards” or “professional bodyguards”. Intimate protection bodyguards are Bodyguards that provide security around the customer and may not carry firearms. They will only enter a client’s home or business, if they are accompanied by the company’s Master Bodyguard or an additional Bodyguard known as a Security Guard. These Bodyguard services do not offer firearms and all incidents involving Bodyguards carrying firearms will be recorded and referred to the Police.

– The other type of Bodyguard service is a “professional” Bodyguard service, which includes VIP protection bodyguards. Many celebrities such as Sir Michael Caine, Sir Sean Connery, and James Bond have Bodyguard organisations which they belong to. The same applies to entertainers like David Beckham, Rod Stewart, and Bruce Springsteen, who regularly hire Bodyguard operatives to provide personal protection for themselves and their family.

While hiring a Bodyguard service in London may be cost effective, using Bodyguard operatives can have its drawbacks. Bodyguards are often ex-military personnel and as a result, can take on a different, more aggressive attitude. These Bodyguard operatives tend to disregard their own safety and personal safety sometimes, which could pose a problem for the client. It is important for clients to know that Bodyguard operatives are not to use physical force against a person. When hiring Bodyguard executive protection services in London, it is also important to ensure that the Bodyguard hired has a legal licence to carry firearms. This is to ensure that the operative has not been accused of excessive violence during any of his previous assignments.

There are many Bodyguard firms available to provide Bodyguard executive protection services in London. Some Bodyguard firms are run by retired police officers, while there are also firms that have recruits with combat experience. There are also Bodyguard companies, which provide a blend of services from private security companies with police officers. It is essential that Bodyguard operatives are licensed and have adequate experience in providing personal security to VIPs.

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