Basics Of Bodyguard Security

A bodyguard is basically a special type of law enforcement officer, defense force, or military service member that guards a particular individual or a small group of individuals simultaneously with the use of physically armed personnel. A bodyguard’s main responsibility is to protect the public from unlawful entries or unlawful acts by third parties. In the United States, a bodyguard is employed by the U.S. military and is deployed in war-like environments. While the U.S. military does not have an official bodyguard division, many of its soldiers are deployed around the globe as part of an overseas contingency plan.

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Bodyguards provide protection to individuals, families, business establishments, and groups. A bodyguard may also work as a personal bodyguard or a security officer for a private individual or for a business establishment. The latter may work off-duty or on-duty for any given assignment. For some bodyguard assignments, a bodyguard may be required to have a specific license or certification that proves the bodyguard has certain skills such as weapon training. Usually, bodyguard personnel may work off-site in a private or public facility.

Bodyguards may work for private individuals or in close protection officers’ offices. Close protection officers are employed by large companies to protect their employees and may also work off-site in an off-site facility. Bodyguards who work in a personal or business establishment’s establishment may provide security services for VIPs, celebrities, corporate clients, or members of the news media. Some bodyguards may also work as direct security officers to a private client.

Most bodyguards perform basic law enforcement and criminal justice functions such as driving and the detection of law violators. Bodyguards may also escort witnesses and provide criminal history reports on their clients. These services are often requested by employers or before events such as concerts, weddings or other special occasions. In the case of an event that involves alcohol consumption such as a barbeque party or a music concert, a bodyguard may serve as a monitor of the situation and provide direct escorts of the guest of honor, as well as maintaining an eye on the premises for any accidents that may occur. These activities, however, require detailed training and supervision from a licensed peace officer.

Bodyguards also provide other types of personal security services including personal protection, crowd control and escort services to VIPs, celebrities, members of the news media, and children. There are many different agencies that provide bodyguard protection. Some bodyguard agencies focus on providing security services to celebrities and wealthy clients. Bodyguards for hire may work on assignments outside of the scope of their employment. Bodyguards also may work off-duty to provide security services for personal residences, public venues, businesses, and more.

When hiring off-duty bodyguards, the client will need to provide background information on their guards, as well as provide references. Off-duty bodyguards should be experienced in self-defense, negotiations, and physical assaults. A bodyguard’s duties will vary according to the agency they work for, but all bodyguards have the same primary responsibilities; protecting the client and ensuring the client’s safety. As with other types of private security officers, bodyguards should hold a state license and meet stringent standards.

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