What Is a Private Bodyguard?

When speaking of Private Bodyguard services, we are actually talking about security services provided to private individuals or companies by a professional security service. A private bodyguard is typically a trained police or military officer who protects either a single individual or a small group of individuals – usually high-ranking public officials or members of the armed forces.

Private bodyguards have historically been employed as body guards or security personnel by celebrities, members of the clergy, corporate executives and members of other prominent groups. However, in today’s day-to-day society, many private bodyguards are employed by individual businessmen or women who seek the extra safety and security that only a professional bodyguard service can provide. The employment of a private bodyguard might be for one of several reasons:

Private Bodyguard services provide security detail for corporate clients, celebrities and members of the clergy. For example, escorting a VIP Celebrity from a location or hotel to her vehicle or an indoor or outdoor wedding or reception location is an important part of the job of a licensed Private Bodyguard. The primary responsibility of a Private Bodyguard is to ensure that a VIP guest meets all of his or her obligations while traveling to or from a location.

In addition, a private bodyguard may also be asked to serve as a bodyguard for a client who is escorting another party, in the instance of a large group of strangers coming together at a site. This can be extremely dangerous for the escort, the party being escorted and the Private Bodyguard if they are traveling in an automobile and there is any chance of an accident.

Private Bodyguard Costmay vary but services have become extremely valuable to a variety of business professions. For example, Private Bodyguards often protect their Employed Professionals who are entrusted with the care and well being of their co-workers and customers.

In addition, in many occupations, employees that require close protection may need protection when working alone, such as in a grocery store, or in a factory. In the security detail industry, Private Bodyguards provide security for VIPs, political power players, CEOs, celebrities and other important people who require close protection at all times. A private bodyguard may also work in a domestic situation requiring security for a single person, such as a child or elderly parent.

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