Understanding the Concept of Non-Formal Education

Education is an essential part of human development. The process of educating people from childhood to adult life is known as education. Education involves the whole person including the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of an individual. It is usually taught by the educational system and it entails the practice of methods based on objective judgment of the subject matter studied. These methods are used to enhance the learning experience for the learners and to improve the knowledge base for the society and for the individual. The process of education includes teaching, guidance, teaching activities, assessment, evaluation, consultation, and supervised research.

Education in informal education refers to the general process of getting new things into one’s daily experience which is not formalized in any classroom or school. There are many ways through which the informal education can be gained like watching Television programs or listening to music CDs on the radio. The importance of this education process is that it helps people in their everyday life to acquire new things in a quick and easy way which in result increases their knowledge and enhances their social media skills too. By being more social, they tend to be well adjusted in the society and become useful to their peers more.

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There are many advantages which accrue from non-formal education. Some of the other advantages are the time savings that come from skipping formal school classes, better health, greater job opportunities, flexibility in time schedules, greater earning potentials and a bright future. Most of the adults who have acquired the skills through informal education are still fit and fine, even after they have completed their education. They have learned valuable lessons that they can use in their professional lives. The adult education classes are offered at various colleges and universities and are offered online.

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