Rocking Chair Information – Why it is So Popular in America

A rocking chair is a kind of rocking chair with two parallel bands attached at the end of each of the rocking legs, linking the lower legs on both sides to each other. The rockers rest on the ground at only two points, providing the occupant with the ability to gently rock back and forward by either pushing or pulling slightly with the feet. Most rocking chairs are made of wood or plastic, but metal ones are also available.

The rocking chair first appeared on the American continents in the late 1800s as a simple remedy to reduce stress due to long hours of sitting on office tables. The earliest models were constructed from simple pieces of wood, such as oak, which gave the chair a rustic, homely feel. Over time, the popularity of the rocking chair expanded across the United States and parts of Europe, and the ergonomics of the original piece became a major influence on the design of many modern day furniture pieces, including rocking cradles.

polywood rocking chairs

In fact, many of the features found in today’s rocking chair were originally present in chairs used in the early America. For example, the wooden slats that allow the rockers to move independently were originally used as a means to keep dust and debris from affecting the seating. Today, the slats are designed to keep dust, dirt, and even the occasional visitor from getting in the way. Other features such as footrests and padded seats were present in early models, and some of the earliest models were even equipped with a fire extinguisher, preventing the possibility of a tragic accident.

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