Great Inventions

What makes an invention significant? In our fast-paced society, we often take for granted how inventions change our lives. It is no mystery that women have far more to be celebrated on this month than their male counterparts, simply because they have been working on a solution to problems for decades. Some of them were children when they first created their first useful invention

Maria Montessori was the first woman to use the wet method to create soap. This was a long process that eventually became the method that most manufactures are using today. The process wasn’t so easy because soap didn’t dry well, so when it was mass-produced it tended to bubble and had a horrible taste. However, the inventor is responsible for laying the groundwork for all new kinds of inventions, including the automatic dishwasher we know today.

Another important female inventor of all time was Mary Pickering. After becoming a stay at home mother, Pickering realized that a device to heat water would help ease her duties and make her life a bit easier. After developing a rudimentary water heater, she went on to devise the parpart heater, which still provides hot water without any boiling pots. Although there aren’t many women with a portfolio worthy of this prestigious honor, there are plenty of female inventors worthy of recognition.

If you want to show off your own inventions, pick an invention from the New York Women’s Museum that has been named a World War II milestone. This museum has displayed innovations made by both men and women. For example, the insulin injection is an invention that was originally developed for men but later was made accessible to women. Another important invention to celebrate was the pin, which has changed the way people wear clothing. Before, people had to pin their clothes together with a large hook, but now they can just put it on and tuck it under their arms. Women have also invented many other clothing accessories, such as shoes, hats, scarves, and even bonnets.

Regardless of the sex or nationality of the inventor, each invention deserves some acknowledgment. The problem arises when there isn’t an innovation that someone is born with and that is only discovered through research and by working with someone else who uncovered the invention. The other problem is that many inventions were considered too complicated for anyone to make. Sometimes, it is harder for inventions to be patented, because many people don’t realize how to go about the process of filing an invention. However, if you have an invention that qualifies, it could become a lot easier to get your idea patented.

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An example of an invention that wasn’t immediately patented is the electric shaver. This simple, yet revolutionary invention was invented by George Eastman. Prior to this, shavers were painful, and required multiple trips to the spa each day. However, when Mr. Eastman began selling his new invention, people began buying them in record numbers and he didn’t have to work so hard to market them. Other examples of great inventions that weren’t patented are radios, automobiles, televisions, and integrated circuit chips.

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