Bunker Rakes – What Are They?

The new bunker rake by Standard Golf is an improvement on the old-fashioned digging type clubs that were all the rage during my golf career. The new Chief is an off-center two-inch wide bunker rake perfect for the Aussie Style. Although the rake is larger than the older style rakes, the feel and play are still very similar. The only difference I found was a more stable drive on some longer greens because it stops at the green before the ball goes to the hole.

The old style rakes dig too shallow into the ground and can scrape up on the green. Although some people say the cart is cheating, there’s no doubt the new bunker rake takes up less ground to get to the ball. The result is usually a much more consistent approach and a well-struck drive.

bunker rake attachments

On my last visit to my friend’s home course, we had an early-morning warm up and he went over to the little bunker rakes in the front yard. He didn’t like them at all and I think this is because he couldn’t see through them to the grass underneath them. The sweet spot on the new ones are made of synthetic grass and are much easier to see through. I can’t remember a single instance where I went over and dug a big trench in the grass with a regular claw rake or a shovel. Now I just try not to do that on my home course.

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