A disorder that manifests within the mind and manifests in the body

A disorder that manifests within the mind and manifests in the body; it is known as Shy Bladder Syndrome. The definition of a psychogenic disorder (such such as SBS) means that the physical manifestation is the result of the mind as a root. As you’re probably aware that the mind is a powerful tool that we have only limited control. The ‘conscious mind’ is definitely in our grasp, but the subconscious mind is proven to be a more challenging phenomenon to grasp, and even control.

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It’s no wonder that General practitioners’ success rates in treatment of Shy Bladder Syndrome are generally tiny because they’re trained to focus on the physical, not the mental. A visit to your GP is crucial to make sure that your inability to use the bathroom isn’t due solely to medical issues, however it’s irrational to think that an GP to be competent to handle something outside of the scope of their abilities. A baker can bake, a carpenter create. If you require assistance for a physical issue, you see an GP and if you’d seek help for a subconscious problem, you consult a professional trained in that particular area. That’s why the hypnotherapy industry has an extremely high rate of success in the treatment of Shy Bladder Syndrome; it helps to retrain the unconscious mind..

I’m going to use the example from one of my clients from the past to illustrate how the ‘unconscious mind’ operates the the bladder. To keep it private we’ll call him John. You might find you have a connection to his story.

The Shy Bladder Syndrome had been a significant burden for John since John was able to remember. He’s now thirty-four. He remembers an incident that was a part of his teenage years in school as the source for his disorder. The efforts to urinate in the public toilet were influenced by a group of older men who entered his space and making fun of him. John simply froze. Then John was unable to move regardless of how hard he told himself to be relaxed and remain at peace.

I’m extremely proud of the fact of the fact that I was in a position to help John overcome his issues however let’s take a look at the process of action that took place in John’s body and mind more deeply:

It’s essential to be aware of the two factors that affect human behavior. They are pain and pleasure. After the incident of being harassed happened the ‘unconscious’ mind of John was able to register all information about the sensory environment and associated pain with the things he saw, heard or smelled, and other things. From that point, any time the same scene was recreated “unconscious mind’ decided that this situation was likely to be painful. This led to the situation was seen by his mind as a risk and needed to be kept out regardless of what. It was impossible for the mind would let the body to be in a vulnerable situation. Therefore, his unconscious mind did not listen to any signals of encouragement to relax and stay calm, which he sent to his conscious mind.

Shy Bladder Syndrome is effectively an attack mechanism that is employed by the “unconscious mind’ to ensure that you are not in danger of suffering situations. On one hand , we could be happy that it’s watching out for our health and health, even if we don’t realize it. But the speed at the way routines are absorbed is extremely worrying for Paruretics since, without appropriate resources, they are difficult to overcome.

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