Offering a comprehensive variety of digital marketing tools

Established in 2021 to help companies in increasing their digital presence and in turning internet presence into sky-rocketing revenue, Direct Clicks Marketing now is a Dubai based group of professional digital marketing strategists who specialize in dominating the Gulf region. Aided by cutting-edge technology, a highly responsive customer base and a strong marketing strategy, Direct…


Tips For Inventors – How To Patent Your New Invention Idea

Tips for inventors are designed to assist you in the creation and protection of your inventions. Inventions are the products of mind, or as Einstein stated, “A man thinks, acts, and succeeds.” The protection of your rights and interests as an inventor is best achieved by developing and maintaining a strong patent portfolio. The information…


Help For Your Inventions – Finding A patent Lawyer Who Can Help You With Your Inventions

If you have any kind of new product or idea, then I’m sure you are looking for help for your inventions. If this is the case for you, there’s really only one place you can turn to. And that’s a good patent attorney. A patent lawyer is capable of assisting clients in a number of…


Concrete coatings is a thick liquid or semi-solid covering

Concrete coatings is a thick liquid or semi-solid covering which you could apply to newly finished concrete for cosmetic reasons. It could also help to make a finished structure or surface last much longer, thereby reducing its repair and maintenance costs. Most acrylic concrete coatings used nowadays are multi-stage systems. In these types, the first…


How to Get Backlinks – The Three Pillars of Search Engine Optimization

A fundamental understanding of search engine marketing (SEM), including how to get backlinks will go quite a way towards enhancing your site’s ranking on major search engine result pages (SERPS). Sound good? Let s get started! If you are new at SEO, you probably know that backlinks constitute the heart of an effective SEM strategy….