When using a website builder, you first select from a palette

Website builders are software tools which usually allow the building of online websites without manual coding. They fall into two broad categories: WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and Cascadian. The later, more popular of the two provides an interface to various programs through a browser window, while the former requires a program installed on your computer for a specific purpose. Cascadian is more user-friendly than its nearest competitor. However, if you plan to build more than one website, you may be better off going with WYSIWYG.

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When using a website builder, you first select from a palette of templates (the number and types of which will depend on the creators capabilities) and then choose from a range of themes. From there, you enter your text and images. You can also upload your own graphics or use pre-made graphics from online sources. Many creators also offer templates for certain commonly used functions, such as creating a blog or forum, and you are free to add your own code to these, as well as to the existing ones.

Once your text and graphics are ready, you can design the layout of the page with the help of drag and drop tools and options available on the template’s tool bar. When designing your website, keep in mind that you want it to be search engine friendly, so think about the kind of content that people will be looking for when trying to find your site. For example, if you run a blog, you will probably want your pages to be optimized for search engines. You may also wish to include some kind of advertising or link to your website in the template. In most cases, though, these templates offer only basic editing abilities, such as changing the background or changing the color scheme. If you feel that you will have more trouble with this, or if you simply want more control, it may be more efficient and time-efficient to simply hire a designer for your project.

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