Is Cloud For Business the Right Choice?

Cloud for business presents a new model for delivering software and other business applications that need to be accessed remotely. Remote working became the modern standard. Many employees found creative new ways to create mobile work spaces, and commutes disappeared. Spending time in the cloud surprisingly increased by 37 percent over the first year alone of its availability. Companies of all sizes are discovering that access to the cloud is affordable and provides greater functionality than on-site alternatives.

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When a company needs to view job information from multiple remote locations, cloud-based tools provide an efficient method of sharing files. The ability to access these documents in real time from any Internet-connected computer eliminates the need for companies to run and maintain an entire network. A business can focus on its customers rather than maintaining a physical infrastructure that can be costly and time-consuming. And as more businesses adopt cloud-based systems, cloud services such as Salesforce, Google Calendar, Biztalk, ZenCart, and Sharepoint will become the standard that many developers expect.

In the California marketplace, there are numerous cloud computing services that have proven very popular. Companies such as Sun Microsystems, Salesforce, Microsoft, Cisco, and Adobe have all created apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Calendaring, which allows a business manager to schedule appointments, contacts, and events, is one of the most popular examples of cloud apps for business. With Calendaring, an organization doesn’t have to maintain its own apps for email, calendar, contact, and other apps; it can simply become part of a trusted and integrated partner. And for companies that require sales tracking, customer relationship management, or ad tracking, cloud computing services for sales, marketing, and software development make it possible to see those figures in real-time without having to build or maintain the necessary internal systems.

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