Employ Medical Review Officers who is a doctor who analyzes test results

The most frequently employed pre-employment drug test tests is urine. It’s cheap and will detect drugs that were consumed in the last couple of days, up to 30 days prior to when the test is conducted. The drug test with five panels which is used most often to detect amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana PCPs, opiates and amphetamines.

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Urine tests can also identify other substances when the test is administered. The tests can be used to be used to test for LSD, MDA, inhalants such as propoxyphene, methadone, alcohol, barbiturates, and more and more employers are beginning to utilize them as pre-employment screening tests instead of five-panel tests. Employers who already have hired workers might want to test their urine for these substances when they suspect that the employee is using drugs or in the event of an incident on the job.

There is a possibility for job applicants or employee currently employed not to pass a urine screening due to the effect of using over-the-counter medications. These substances can lead to false positive results on tests. Some of the most frequently utilized drugs include Ibuprofen, Sudafed, Vicks 44, Ephedrine diet pills, and many more. If there’s a doubt about the positive result of a test the testing company will contact the employee and determine whether the individual is taking any prescription substances that could have caused the reaction. Most drug testing facilities employ Medical Review Officers who is a doctor who analyzes test results. The Medical Review Officer often communicates with those who have test results that are positive. Another test can be administered on the second urine vial which is reserved to be used for this reason. The second test can be more expensive than the first urine test. However, employers who are attracted to hiring a candidate or retaining an employee might want to invest in this test. Sometimes , job seekers or workers are willing to pay for the second test once they know they’ve not been using illicit drugs.

A lot of large companies include Fortune 500 companies, require urine tests prior to hiring. It’s becoming less common to have the test. Small businesses are also recognizing the advantages of testing for urine drugs. It is a way to prevent people who are addicted to drugs from working for an organization, and it could eliminate drug users who have been employed. A lot of problems can be avoided for employers that have to conduct urine drug tests. Employers find that drug tests prior to employment eliminate those who are suffering from drug addiction and prevents the problem from turning into a company’s issue.

Urine drug testing isn’t expensive to perform. The majority of small and medium businesses between $50-$80 per test. The testing company handles the paperwork and follow-up. If there’s a higher quantity of testing, the prices could be less. The cost of testing will be lower than the cost the employer would have to pay for the issues which hiring a person who has an addiction problem can bring to the business. Right Management Survey found that “the replacement cost of a bad hire is up to three times the salary of the job in question.”

Based on the U.S. Department of Labor Drug use can cost businesses between $75 and $100 billion annually. Workers’ compensation and health cost are more expensive as there is a greater likelihood of accidents happening and more time away from working, not to not mention the reduction in productivity.

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