Common Shower Repair Problems

Shower Repair is a relatively simple task, especially if you have access to a shop or professional who can perform this kind of work for you. However, it is advisable to have any possible problems with your shower inspected by a professional before you make any changes. This will allow you to get the right repairs done as quickly as possible, without risking damage to your shower pan and/or water pipes. Here are a few common issues that may end up needing a shower repair.

One of the least likely shower repairs that may need attention is due to the slow draining of the shower water. In such cases, an often overlooked overlay is usually done to level the bottom of the pan and help the water slowly drain properly. After the necessary repairs are made, a new fiberglass liner is then added to the shower pan. The most important thing to remember in such a case is that if the plumbers are unable to fix the problem with the overflow pipes, that the likelihood is that the same will arise with the overflow plumbing for the bathtub as well.

shower repairs

If you regularly experience a “drip” running down from your shower pan to your drains, then there may be a problem with the float valve. This is usually the case when the float valve itself is not functioning properly, for some reason. There are basically two types of float valve; the mechanical type, which controls the flow of the drain water and the electrical type, which activates the float by sending an electrical current to the actuator. If the mechanic cannot fix the problem and simply resets the float valve, a replacement is necessary for both the bathtub drain and the shower drain.

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